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Our Mission

Why We Do This.

22Mohawks is proudly dedicated to being the first point of contact for our service members when they return home from duty. Our goal is to provide the physical, mental, and financial support veterans need while bringing together their loved ones and communities.

In addition to hosting 4 major annual events, we also connect veterans with emotional support dogs, gym memberships, mental health awareness classes, and much more to empower them to overcome the many obstacles they face each day.

We need your support to continue offering our assistance to veterans while expanding our vital services and programs.

Please consider making a donation today.

New York Times

"Suicide Has Been Deadlier Than Combat for the Military"

How bad is veteran suicide?

The Numbers don't lie.

Below are just a few of the countless statistics providing a glimpse into the biggest threat facing our veterans today.

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More than 120,000 veterans have died by suicide since the global war on terror started in 2001. 

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More than 22 veterans die by suicide per day. For perspective, that’s more deaths each year than the total number of American military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Pentagon figures show the suicide rate for active-duty troops across all service branches rose by over a third in five years, up to 24.8 per 100,000 active-duty members in 2018.

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Get involved

How To Make a difference

There are tons of things you can do to make a positive impact on the lives of service members and their families. That being said, these are some of the biggest ways you can get involved, help fight veteran suicide, and show your support for those who put their lives on the line for our country.


At 22Mohawks, you can volunteer as an ambassador for our gun safety course, golf tournament, or parachute jump! If you’re outside of our area, look up your local VA and their affiliates.


Spread the word! Advocacy may seem like a tall order alone, but thankfully we live in the era of social media. Share our content and others like it to help raise  awareness for veteran suicide. 


A little goes a long way and can make more of a difference than you know. Continue scrolling to see how your donation can make a tangible, direct impact on the lives of service members.

The results

Where Your Donations Go

What happens to the money that you donate? Where does it go? How does it help? All fair questions that we are proud to answer. These are some of the primary services that we offer through your generous donations.

Dogs For Vets

Emotional support dogs for service members including training sessions.

Suicide Prevention Courses

For course inquiries and more information go to our events page.

Mental Health Sessions

Therapy and other vital mental health support systems.

Monthly Financial Classes

Northwestern Mutual partnership classes. For more information go to events page. 

Group Retreats

Week long static line airborne course in Dunnelon Fl.

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Upcoming events

Attend, volunteer at, or support one of our major annual events!

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