Pups for vets

22mohawks pups for vets program

 22Mohawks Pups for Vets Program has partnered with Professional Canine Services in their efforts to end veteran suicide through providing companion, emotional support and therapy dogs to veterans at no cost with training at the PCS facility or alternate facility if travel is an issue. 

To begin your application process or for more information on the program email Dave@22mohawks.com and Stacey@22mohawks.com

Our Pups for Vets Program is bringing purpose into veterans’ lives, while also positively affecting their home lives and relationships. This collaboration has opened up a network of dedicated individuals looking to be part of a bigger cause, honoring the men and women who have so selflessly served us and our country. We strive to bring those who come to us into the 22Mohawks Family which is part of our solution and prevention to veteran suicide. 

Training — The dogs are trained through Professional Canine Services at 277 Purchase st Middleboro Ma. Professional Canine Services is a high-quality dog training company that serves a wide variety of clients, including law enforcement agencies and public schools. They pride themselves on the exceptional training they offer both K-9s and their handlers. Their trainers have over 40 years of collective experience, and they are considered one of the top canine training facilities in Massachusetts. 

*If unable to attend training at the PCS facility our team will work with you to find training in your area. 

Objectives — Veterans experiencing mental health issues may feel isolated, unsupported, or lacking purpose. A dog offers companionship and purpose, due to the care required and ongoing training the veterans and their families participate in. Pups for Vets program participants and their families are invited to monthly trainings and cookouts which helps build social bonds. Between weekly training sessions and social gatherings, this program is creating a larger meaning within 22Mohawks, the 22Mohawks Family. These connections within the veteran community become a layer of security and ultimately contribute to suicide prevention. 

Impacts — Since September 2021, we have paired 20 dogs with veterans and their families. With scaled funding, we ideally will be able to pair three dogs and veterans each month, for a total of 36 per year. 



 “The hurdles in my head were beginning to climb too high and appear too often. I wasn’t sure how to muster the strength to ask for help. 22Mohawks made it easy for me. They stepped up to the plate and didn’t pass judgment. They provided me with a best friend, reinvigorated my focus on the mission, to simply live a comfortable, happy and long life. I never knew I’d find myself again and thanks to 22mohawks I have.” -Mike M, USMC

“When I left the army, it felt like something was missing in my life and at times I felt alone in my struggle.When I received my therapy dog from 22mohawks, It gave me purpose and brought happiness into my life. Now I am never alone, my dog is always there to make me smile.” -Frankie, United States Army

“I Just want to thank you guys for bringing Cashew into my life. I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding this weekend and I had Cashew with me the entire time. During my speech I talked about my attempt at suicide and how my friend helped me out of that dark place, but Cashew is the reason I didn’t do it. Cashew was also the star of the wedding and everyone loved him because he was so well behaved. I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart.” -Tim, USMC


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